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Communism (PRL) (1945-1989)

After World War II ended, Poland fell under Soviet control and the communist People’s Republic of Poland was created as a Soviet satellite state. The country’s boundaries were radically changed and shifted to the west, followed by mass movements of people of various nations. In consequence, Poland lost its traditional multi-ethnic character and became a country with homogeneous Polish population.

The polish communists party changed the economy and society according to the instructions from Moscow. Collectivization of agricultural farms and nationalization of the industrial sector took place as well as an push against churches. Both Roman Catholic bishops as well as protestant church leaders were arrested to gain control over this „hostile“ part of the polish society.

 After a short period of economic growth in the early 1970 the „Golden Age“ come to an abrupt end with the 1973 energy crisis. This started the creation of opposition among students, factory workers and publishers.